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    Here at Dapper & Queen, we are passionate about making your life easier (parenting is hard enough, am I right) as well as cultivating a style in a product you trust that you can appreciate and wont be an eye sore for those cherished family photos. We believe you actually can have it all.

    As mothers and sisters, we each thought back on some of the most challenging times of having a young baby came to the same conclusion. Teething, as well as trying to get your baby to soothe is no joke! We knew there were product already on the market that would aid in these challenging moments, but it was as if there was something missing. Not only were these products displeasing to look at, they were also a very temporary fix. In regards to a pacifier, how often do you hear someone say that their baby was uninterested. As a huge advocate for soothers, I was not soon going to give up on offering a pacifier my child who only really tolerated them from time to time. It was not until we planned, designed, and created the Smokk that I realized what had been missing. With a softer nipple that feels as close to nature as you will see or feel, the Smokk is also better for your child's developing pallet. A thicker shield, aids in a natural sucking motion and isĀ